“How are you feeling buddy?” I ask my son as he stirs from his slumber, “Not good mama. My nose not feeling very good.”

Between my little man and I, we’ve shared three nasty colds in as many weeks; it feels like an unwelcome gift that keeps on giving and just won’t go away.

My son’s eczema also flared up and he fell off a stool last week and got a nasty cut lip; needless to say, we feel like the walking wounded. I can’t help notice our bedside table has become a veritable homeopathic pharmacy.

These gentle remedies are my reliable go-to whenever our family is ill.

Finding alternatives to prescription and conventional medication has been an empowering journey and since becoming a mother my hunger for knowledge has only deepened. After all, children are more vulnerable to the potentially serious side effects posed by drugs including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain relievers.

Homeopathy offers a safe, effective and easy to administer alternative to conventional medications. It also helps little bodies heal themselves rather than simply masking symptoms or pushing illness further into the body. Here are ten of our favourite remedies which may help your family feel better too.


One of the most popular remedies, Arnica is incredibly powerful for relieving trauma, bruises, aches, and strains. With the relentless frequency of toddler bumps and bruises we keep both the oral and topical applications on hand. Arnica also supports with the the trauma of minor or major surgery (it helped me after my caesarian) and the exhaustion of jet lag and long haul flights.

For kids, after a tumble occurs, administer oral arnica every few hours until symptoms improve. The topical ointment can be applied to bruises or bumps, but not over open wounds. I keep a vial of Arnica at home, in the car and always take it when we’re travelling.


We recently discovered Forces of Nature Eczema Control Remedy when my son’s eczema flared up with the unavoidable change of routine travel brings. It has become known as “magic cream” in our family owing to the almost immediate improvement we saw in our son’s skin.

A combination of fifteen homeopathic plant extracts it reduces itchiness, dampens inflammation and helps the skin repair itself. For us, it’s not a cure for eczema – that’s a long story for another day! But, I’m relieved in the knowledge that when my son’s eczema flares up and I’m tempted to use cortisone, I’ll be reaching for the “magic cream” instead.


A recent study published in The Lancet Neurology, added fluoride to a list of toxic environmental chemicals contributing to neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD. So, how can we protect our kids’ teeth against cavities without using fluoridated toothpaste? 

As an alternative to fluoride, our paediatric dentist recently gave us a remineralizing paste but our son outright refused. And I don’t blame him – it was kinda funky! So, I immersed myself in the world of natural dental care and was shocked to find my long held beliefs about what’s needed to maintain good dental health completely obliterated.

As it turns out, diet, but not just sugar, plays a major role in dental health; so much so, the British Medical Journal, published a study reporting cavities and tooth decay could potentially be reversed with diet. So our diet and supplements have changed and we’ve added two protective homeopathic remedies.

Taken daily Calc Fluor and Calc Phos strengthen and aid in the growth of teeth in children. Calc Phos “is concerned with formation of bone and teeth” and Calc Fluor “is found in the surface of bones and in the enamel of teeth.” Our naturopath suggested to give these remedies once daily and we’ve already noticed a difference.


Chamomilla is the remedy for teething pain in babies. We started giving it to our son when he was six months old by dissolving tablets in a teaspoon of water. We used a combination remedy by Hyland’s. Another option is Camilia, which comes in individual liquid ampoules; more convenient but a little more expensive.

This remedy also works wonders for ears. From painful popping on airplanes (a parent’s worst nightmare when travelling) to ear infections Chamomilla is powerful. Our homeopath made up a specific dose for our son when he was a baby and we gave a dose every 5-10 minutes on descent. If you don’t have a homeopath you can find Chamomilla for babies here.


Official warnings have been in place since 2009 requiring cough and cold medication to state they mustn’t be administered to children under the age of six. Despite being potentially harmful, as many as one in five parents give these medications to young children. Adverse reactions in kids can be as severe as coma, seizures and death. Thankfully there are a number of safe remedies which can help kids feel better:

  1. In the early stages of a flu and to prevent it taking hold, we use Oscillococcinum. Writing this post has reminded me to stock up as it’s such a great remedy (which we forgot about this time!).
  2. Coryzalia is our go-to for relief of mild cold symptoms such as congestion and runny noses.
  3. Ferrum phosphoricum is a single remedy which also aims to prevent colds getting worse. At the first sign of a sore, scratchy throat or the start of a fever or earache our homeopath suggests giving hourly doses of Ferrum phos 12C or 30C until symptoms dissipate.
  4. Aconite is a helpful remedy to use at the start of a cold. It helps children who are restless, agitated and anxious about their symptoms. Also helpful for coughs, including “croup”.


Natural medicine is such a huge topic and it’s impossible to cover it in one blog post. What I have shared here is not meant to be prescriptive but merely an outline of the remedies which have helped our family avoid conventional medication.

Two books I have referred to on many occasions are Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants by Dana Ullman and Natural Baby and Childcare: Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for Raising Healthy Children, by the late (and incredible) Dr Lauren Feder. With hundreds of remedies homeopathy can seem overwhelming but these references make it simple and accessible for families.

We also have a homeopath who is an amazing resource; she often prescribes constitutional remedies for specific conditions, guiding our family on our natural health journey.

Have you used homeopathy for your family’s health? What remedies would you add to this list?

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