Suzanne Bowen Fitness is a busy mama’s dream come true. Check out my in-depth review to see how this exercise program can help you fit in great workouts.

Have you ever heard yourself utter the words I just don’t have time to workout? I sure am guilty of it. Between work, kids, socializing, and just plain giving myself a break, exercise has a tendency to fall to the back burner.

But I don’t need to tell you how important exercise is. Study after study shows that people who get consistent exercise are happier, healthier, and even live longer.

So what’s a busy mama to do?

Stream a killer workout, of course. But since there’s a lot out there, I want to help you filter out the noise. Enter: Suzanne Bowen Fitness.

What is Suzanne Bowen Fitness?

Suzanne Bowen Fitness Homepage

Suzanne Bowen Fitness is a streaming platform for full-body online workouts that specialize in cardio and barre. Through these workouts, participants can expect to improve in three core areas: strength, cardio, and flexibility.

Meet the instructor: Suzanne Bowen

Meet Suzanne Bowen

Suzanne Bowen has 16 years of experience teaching fitness classes and was one of the first people on the barre scene—one of the fastest growing fitness trends. And though she’s been teaching barre long before it was a fad, Bowen completes regular training to stay current, including extensive training with posture and prenatal specialists.

Suzanne’s accomplishments include:

  • Creating BarreAmped, an internationally taught barre technique that was recognized as one of the best by Fitness Magazine and Natural Health Magazine
  • Producing numerous top-selling fitness DVDs, as well as hundreds of online streaming barre and cardio classes

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  • Seasonal challenges
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Suzanne Bowen Fitness Review

Here’s what I love the most about this streaming workout service:


Basic Barre Workout Suzanne Bowen Fitness

This is number one for me. As a working mom of three kids, finding time to go to the gym sometimes feels harder than the actual workout.

Because of this, convenience is key. Having access to a workout I can do between editing articles, naps, and chorus rehearsal is pretty much the only way I’m going to maintain a regular exercise regimen.

And on top of that, workouts are totally manageable in terms of length. The majority of the workouts I do on the platform range from just 15 to 45 minutes!


Suzanne Bowen Fitness

This goes hand-in-hand with convenience. I can do Suzanne Bowen Fitness workouts right from the comfort of my living room via a whole host of devices, including:

  • Laptop (desktop computers also work, but the portability of a laptop can’t be beat—and not just for workouts!)
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Apple TV
  • Android phones and tablets

And I don’t need any special equipment. Sure, some of the workouts require weights or other simple equipment that’s easy to get, but I prefer to filter by workouts that don’t use any equipment. My mindset is the less fuss, the better.

Skill level

Suzanne Bowen Fitness Filtering Capability

I love the fact that these workouts can truly suit anyone. Whether you’ve never worked out before, you’re hitting the refresh button post-baby, or you are something of a fitness guru, Suzanne has a streaming workout for you.

Though the filtering can be a little bit wonky at times (I was searching beginner and somehow an advanced class snuck in there!), I love the fact that this feature exists. It makes it so much easier to find videos that are well-suited to my experience level.

In addition to skill level, you can also filter videos by workout type, equipment, goal, duration, target area, and more.

Customized programs

Suzanne Bowen Fitness Customized Plans

Suzanne has also created customized programs for a variety of different skill levels and interests. One of my favorites post baby number three is this “Back to the Barre” workout series. It’s a 28-day plan for beginner barre students that serves as an introduction (or, in my case, reintroduction) to barre workouts.

It’s super convenient (again, a big thumbs up for this!), because all I have to do is log on each day and complete the video waiting for me—no time wasted searching for just the right thing.Suzanne Bowen Fitness Custom Plans by Mama Natural

Alternatively, you can create your own custom workout plans. There’s an entire section dedicated to helping you search Suzanne’s vast library of streaming workouts to save them in your own workout sequence.

You can choose to make these public or private, and you can even browse and join in on other public custom workouts by other members of the community.


Suzanne Bowen’s streaming workouts are divided into six categories:

  • Active stretch
  • Barre
  • Bounce
  • Cardio Interval
  • Mat/Floor
  • and Relaxed Stretch

Though I tend to gravitate towards the barre workouts, I love that you can mix things up based on your mood. If I’m just not feeling up to a tough workout, I’ll filter by workout type and choose a relaxed or active stretch instead.

By doing this, I feel like I’m still hitting my fitness goals, but not pushing myself so hard I’ll burn out.

What Other People Say

I’m not the only one who has seen success with Suzanne’s program. She has helped so many people achieve their fitness goals. Here’s what they had to say:Suzanne Bowen Fitness Testimonial: Before and After

“In six weeks, I have lost 5.6 inches! The majority of my weight loss has been seen in my glutes, arms, and neck. I probably would have lost more inches if I have initially measured more body parts, but I think that 5.6 inches is a really big accomplishment!” — Sara R. 

“I love the fact that even though my body is not where I want it to be yet, I’ve started to love it. I feel strong!” — Amy L. 

“A workout for people who hate working out.” — Janie W.

“What SBF means to me is I can Still Be Fit!! I can maintain my weight, healthy lifestyle, get good, effective workouts without the expense of going to the studio.” — Amy A.

How Much Does Suzanne Bowen Fitness Streaming Cost?

Suzanne Bowen Fitness Cost Information

Suzanne Bowen Fitness offers three membership options: monthly, six months, and yearly. (Note: You can also purchase a three-month membership as a gift.)

All memberships—regardless of length—get the same benefits:

  • A wide range of workout plans
  • Seasonal challenges
  • Over 350 streaming videos
  • A custom workout builder tool
  • And access to an exclusive online community


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