By Sara Regan

My second born, you have such an important place in our family.

You are the one who rounds out our home in ways I could not have imagined before you, and now cannot imagine without. 

You are the one who expands all of our hearts, filling spaces we didn’t even know existed.

You are the one who reminds me to slow down, wake up, be present, enjoy now, because very soon you will be as old as your big sister, and I know how fast that will happen. I need to savor this journey with you.

You are the one who teaches me to consider all 3 of you now, and how far a little empathy goes to making each of you happy. I treasure all of our cuddles and hugs; kissing each and every boo boo your bring to me. I so often feel guilty that you don’t get the time you deserve with me, or the attention you seek because I am so much busier these days. 

You test my patience in a way I never knew. You push every button until I am on the verge of tears. Yet, you also teach me grace and to be patient with myself. To allow myself that same empathy I am giving to you. Although you made me a mom for the second time and that was somewhat a familiarity, your little personality was NOT! You have a resistance about you that I have yet to figure out. You are such a sweet soul, but an emotional firecracker as well. You probably hear me yell more often than both you or I would like, and for that I am SO sorry. 

I hear myself often saying “Hold on a second” or “Just wait a minute.” But this does NOT mean you come second. Please know that. I may not be able to give you everything you want, but I will always try to give you everything you need. Know my sweet boy how special you are to me. 

My life would not be the same without you. We would not be the same without you. And that special part of my heart can only be filled by you. 

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