Dear sweet girl, You were my first baby.  You did something no one else has done; made me a mom for the first time, and you’re beyond special. You carved out space in my heart for everything that came after you. You changed my world, and turned it upside down. I wasn’t prepared for all the growing I was about to do, and continue to do today. 

You are different from your siblings.

I know I’m not supposed to say this out loud, but you are. (And not just because you are a girl) 

You are significant beyond your comprehension. You work hard and are so smart. You take on challenges and push through them. You are a born leader and your kindness fills the hearts of all those you are near. 

I am forever changed because I have known a love forgiving enough to take me as I am. I know a love that is powerful enough to make me want to be better. A love that says to never ever give up because no matter what – we will get through this. Right now things are hard. You miss your friends, school, your teacher – a sense of normalcy. I think we all do to be honest. Not only am I working from home and trying to pay the bills with money tight due to the state being shut down, but I have 3 children home with me. And you my sweet girl, you light up each day. 

Homeschooling is NOT something I ever planned to be doing in my life. I am sure many of us moms feel the same way. We already have so much on our plates and now this. Thankfully, you are a rockstar sweet girl in all you do and your love of school does not waiver. You follow my lead and we get things done. Our biggest challenge and project moving forward for you is to continue to better your reading skills. And let me just say – you have been doing AMAZING! Learning to read is not an easy task but the younger we can start working on it with our children the better. Have you begun? Have you found certain techniques or programs to work better? Maybe one child learns differently than another…that is where we are.

As you grow, I grow. I learn new things from you all the time. 

Your light shines so bright, your creativity so genuine. 

You are growing so fast, and I know you will change the world because you have changed mine! 

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