By Sara Regan

My beautiful little boy-

You are the undoer of my days.

Yet the love of my life. 

I make my bed in the morning and within minutes you’ve climbed under the covers to play, leaving crumpled sheets and food crumbs, and toys (usually trains ) in your wake.

I return the mop to its spot in the closet or vacuum to it’s home, only to find that you’ve left crumbs or spilt juice once again.

I fill my water bottle. . . you drink it.

I rearrange the pillows and blankets on the couch. . . you move them back to the floor.

I fold the clothes. . . you push them onto the floor and scatter them across your room. 

You go to bed so sweetly only to wake screaming throughout the night. Then rise before the sun!

These days are a constant battle between me and you, the undoer of all the things; the most endearing wrecking ball I ever did see.

You undo my patience.

You undo my give-a-darn about what the house looks like.

You undo my sanity. 

I get irritated, overwhelmed, and exhausted, feeling like a dog who try as she might, just can’t stop chasing her tail.

I try to remind myself it’s just a phase I’ll one day miss.

You’re the undoer of my days, it’s true, but you save your best tricks for the start of every night, for those moments you turn and smile at me. When you run across the room, or you play so sweetly. It’s in those moments, when our world is finally calm, I smile softly. Before nap or bed, when your wild breaths deepen into rhythm, when you wrap your arms around my neck and melt into me, when every ounce of frustration dissolves into a puddle of gratitude for all that you are. . .

It’s then, Little One, that I officially come undone.

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