By Sara Regan

To you mama, Who has had a rough week.

Who can’t bear the mess, but also can’t face cleaning up.

Who can’t wait to go to bed, but knows you’ll be up all night.

Who has a to do list never ending and can’t seem to check anything off. 

Who daydreams of what your life used to be, yet feels instant guilt, because you believe you should feel grateful.

Who works all day around the house but feels as if nothing has changed. 

Who feels invisible and overwhelmed and unimportant…

What you are feeling is okay. I feel it too. 

Please know, this little person, or little people of yours values, appreciates and regards you as the most important thing in their entire world right now. They just don’t show it in ways you are used to – BUT if you watch close enough they show it in the most beautiful ways. By the look in their eye when they stare at you or when they reach for you. In the way they call for you and ONLY you to comfort them. In the way they show you all of their emotions as you are their safe place. They turn to you to explain things and help them work through them. They can fall asleep on you the fastest – because, like you, they instinctively remember being a part of you.

Your house will be clean again and you will sleep again. You will have your own space again, you will see your friends again, and be able to make new ones. You and your partner will have time to connect as a couple again, and you will grow, love and blossom into your new self – all in time. I promise, you will look back with proud eyes and a full heart that you made it, because you will, one moment at a time

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