I have a personal rule when it comes to my kids: I always say yes when they ask to help with cooking. This doesn’t mean I’m inviting them to cook every meal with me, but when they ask I always oblige. Sometimes that means dinner takes 10, 15, even 20 minutes longer to get on the table, but we always learn something — even if it’s just to make sure the lid is tightly sealed on the paprika.

Letting them help now in the kitchen means they will learn to master a few basic skills before we full expect them to contribute to weekly meals. Dinner is the one meal we need the most weeknight help with, so it only makes sense to rope them into cooking what we will eat as a family. My 8-year-old has fully embraced being my sous-chef-in-training and cooks along with me two or three nights a week. Here are 15 of our go-to dinner recipes to cook together.

1. Easiest Classic Turkey Chili

This crowd pleasing favorite is more mild than most chili recipes, with a spice blend that you add to your families liking. We almost always serve this with crunchy cheese crackers instead of cheese and chips.
How kids can help: Kids can help measure spices, open cans of tomatoes and beans, as well as grating cheese for topping as desired.

Recipe: How To Make the Easiest Classic Turkey Chili


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