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If your kids are starting to take an interest in what you’re cooking for dinner or you’d like to get them working together in the kitchen then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 10 of our best recipes to cook with your kids aged 7-11 years…

If you’re cooking with kids aged 7 to 11, we’ve got some brilliant recipes to get them going.

Around this age, kids are starting to take an interest in what you’re cooking – and if you’d like to get them involved in the kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place! As part of our cooking with kids guide, we’ve rounded up 10 of our best recipes to cook with your kids aged 7-11 years.

As kids get older they get more and more inquisitive about food and what better way to teach them than cooking with them in the comfort of your own kitchen!

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From fruit salad to banana bread, we’ve got plenty of simple and delicious recipes that are perfect for cooking with your child aged between 7-11 years. This is the perfect age for them to gain some independence in the kitchen and learn some new skills too!

Take a look through our 10 best recipes for 7-11 years old to get started…

Fruit salad

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Fruit salad

Making a fruit salad together is not only a great way to get your kids eating healthy, it’s also the perfect way to teach them all about using a knife.

Tasks for the kids

  • Stirring the ingredients together on the hob with supervision
  • Peeling fruits with a peeler
  • Coring fruits with a corer
  • Cutting soft fruits with a butter knife or normal knife with supervision
  • Washing the fruits

Get the recipe: Fruit salad

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Hummus is much easier to make than you may think. It’s so simple you could get your kids to make it! They’ll get to learn how to use the food processor, tin opener and make something extra tasty in the process!

Tasks for the kids

  • Opening and draining the tin of chickpeas
  • Mixing the ingredients together
  • Using the food processor with supervision
  • Spooning the hummus into a bowl and serving
  • Toasting some pitta bread to go with it

Get the recipe: Hummus

The Hummingbird Bakery gingerbread menImage credit: TI Media LimitedThis is an image3 of10

The Hummingbird Bakery gingerbread men

The kids are just going to love making and decorating these gingerbread men! It’s the perfect recipe to whip up at the weekend and at this age they’ll be able to be a little more disciplined with the designing.

Tasks for the kids

  • Sifting the ingredients together
  • Making the dough using an electric mixer with supervision
  • Kneading and rolling the dough
  • Cutting the shapes
  • Making the royal icing and decorating the gingerbread men

Get the recipe: The Hummingbird Bakery gingerbread men

Annabel Karmel ratatouille omelette

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Annabel Karmel ratatouille omelette

This recipe is a great starter recipe. Cracking eggs and frying veggies in a pan will get your kids feeling confident and wanting to make you lunch everyday!

Tasks for the kids

  • Frying the veggies with supervision
  • Cracking the eggs and whisking them with milk
  • Grilling the omelette with supervision
  • Preparing the side salad

Get the recipe: Annabel Karmel ratatouille omelette

Smarties cupcakesImage credit: by Kirstie AllsoppThis is an image5 of10


If your kids have their friends round after school get them baking together and make these Smarties fairy cakes – they’ll have so much fun making and decorating them!

Tasks for the kids

  • Mixing the ingredients together
  • Spooning the mixture into fairy cake cases
  • Making the icing and placing the smarties on top
  • Decorating the cakes

Get the recipe: Smarties cupcakes

Dotty shortbread hearts

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Dotty shortbread hearts

These shortbread hearts and so easy to make and can be shaped into whatever shape your child wants – as long as you’ve got the right cutter! These biscuits are great for practising their decorating skills too.

Tasks for the kids

  • Mixing the ingredients together
  • Rolling the dough
  • Cutting the heart shapes
  • Putting the shortbreads into the oven with supervision
  • Making the royal icing and piping the dots

Get the recipe: Dotty shortbread hearts

Children's club sarnie

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Children’s club sarnie

Get the kids to make you and the hubby lunch at the weekend with this simple recipe. Making a meal from scratch will give the kids a sense of independence – without you having to worry about the mess of baking!

Tasks for the kids

  • Chopping the bacon with supervision
  • Chopping the tomatoes and lettuce with supervision
  • Buttering the bread
  • Assembling the sandwich

Get the recipe: Children’s club sarnie

Annabel Karmel's salmon fishcakesImage credit: Monkey Business/REX/ShutterstockThis is an image8 of10

Annabel Karmel’s salmon fishcakes

At this age your kids can start to make their own dinner. These fishcakes are a great recipe to get them started and they’re healthy too!

Tasks for the kids

  • Making the crispy coating for the fishcake
  • Making the fish mix
  • Coating each piece in egg wash and crispy topping
  • Frying the fishcakes with supervision
  • Decorating the cakes with egg and peas

Get the recipe: Annabel Karmel’s salmon fishcakes

Butterfly buns

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Butterfly buns

Butterfly buns are a great way to make impressive looking cupcakes without the fiddly piping bag fuss – a spoonful of jam and a splodge buttercream work wonders!

Tasks for the kids

  • Mixing the ingredients together using an electric hand whisk with supervision
  • Spooning the mixture into cupcake cases
  • Placing the cakes into the oven with supervision
  • Making the buttercream
  • Spooning out the middle of the cake
  • Finishing with jam and buttercream

Get the recipe: Butterfly buns

Banana breadImage credit: TI Media LimitedThis is an image10 of10

Banana bread

The kids are going to be really chuffed making this classic banana bread. This is a simple recipe with a little supervision – they’ll love sampling their work!

Tasks for the kids

  • Lining the tin with greaseproof paper
  • Mixing the ingredients together
  • Mashing the bananas
  • Spooning the mixture into the tin
  • Slicing the bread using a bread knife with supervision

Get the recipe: Banana bread


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